As a world leader in the bathroom business, Roca operates in over 135 markets globally. Innovation, design and technology are the core values that differentiate Roca from other brands. Over the past one hundred years, Roca has carried forward the essence of European design and exquisite workmanship with the combination of the up-to-date technology, thus continuously providing customers with innovative and high-quality products of outstanding performances.
Over 55 years ago, when the threat of climate change first emerged, Roca began to implement its philosophy of respect for the environment, materialised in the development of new technologies for applying devices that minimise water and energy consumption. Today, in continuation of this ecological awareness, RocaConcetps, a totally new Roca concept store in Hong Kong, is designed in the light of these green beliefs. The store settles on exhibiting itself as an interactive gallery and showcases a comprehensive range of innovative and environmentally friendly bathroom products in an all-white interior with organic style.
Roca also strives for excellence in the design of its products through in-depth studyings of human being’s five senses to create an unusual bathing experience for customers. For many years Roca has cooperated with numerous world-famous designers like Herzog & de Meuron and David Chipperfield to depict an imaginative future of bathroom products as well as to set new norms of aesthetic and functionality for the industry.

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