In 1982, Paolo Pallucco established the company of which he is the namesake. Art prevails over design. In 1988, pallucco transformed from workshop into design company. In the 90s with formal minimalism, the network of international designers was established with Hannes Wettstein as art director. Starting from 2000, pallucco onwards design opened up to decorative elements. The stylistic trend of furnishings saw the mixing of decoration and formal design. Under Dutch school influence, Jurgen Bey acts as art director. In 2008, pallucco products change from decorative design to emotional design, search to find the right balance between emotion, function and sustainability. In 2009, art rules the crinolina’s design, while decorative and rigorous projects characterize coral and itaipu. In 2010, lightness and emotion, natural feelings, functional irrationality; pallucco breaks the tradition schemes through a way to the uniqueness in the design art. In 2012, new lines and new ideas bringing into play a severe urban minimalism with Hannes Wettstein and Joe Colombo. In 2015, the Italian company is launching a new artistic direction, confirming itself as a hallmark of design culture and exploration among art, architecture and design. In 2016, the pallucco collection keeps on growing and boosting long lasting design styles through new creative partnerships.

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