Gabbiani is universally famous for Murano glass design, although its establishment in the centre of Venice by Luciano Gabbiani only dates back to 1964. Glass artwork and Venetian craftsmanship were an intimate part of our upbringing, and our family still remains the core component of a company whose name is now an international brand. At the company’s head office in Ca’ Bragadin, a XVII century Gothic building situated between Piazza San Marco and Ponte di Rialto, our head designer, Marina Ravagnan Gabbiani, assisted by her daughter Carlotta, reinterprets the elements of Venetian tradition, abetted by a distinctive penchant for highly innovative design.
Today we produce and export vases, bowls, lamps, chandeliers and artistic furnishings: unique blown-glass works of art that adorn homes, showrooms and places of special importance.

Marina Ravagnan Gabbiani and Carlotta Gabbiani at the Ca’ Bragadin offices have created and designed all the items in our collections, drawing inspiration from Venice’s varied and evocative daily life. Each work is mouth-blown and formed by hand in accordance with Murano’s centuries-old and secret glass-working techniques. This inimitable form of glass working, which commenced in Murano’s kilns in the XIII century, is unique to the Venetian Lagoon island. Old glass-making formulas and glass working secrets, handed down from master glassmakers to apprentices, are still embodied in every one of Gabbiani’s works. And by dint of ongoing experimentation, we obtain continually different nuances in colour, luminosity and transparency. The ritual of heat, powders, temperature and blowing is repeated in every “fondita” (fusion), but every time the alchemy at work is different. Each work is unique, epitomising all of Venice’s magic, the experience of leading craftsmen and the millennia-old practice of glass blowing.

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