Antonio Lupi Design® is headquartered in Cerreto Guidi, Tuscany. The company was founded in 1950 by Antonio Lupi and is internationally renowned as a producer of design bath furniture. Initially dedicated to manufacturing crystal glass for furnishing, the company soon moved on to the fabrication of appliques, mirrors and chandeliers. The continuing success of its crystal glass accessories led to constant growth of the company. With the construction of a new manufacturing facility the 1970s saw the transition from a purely artisanal to an industrial production.
Since the 1980s Antonio Lupi Design® is collaborating with Mauro Carlesi, Carlo Colombo, Domenico De Palo, Mario Ferrarini and many other prominent designers. These liaisons generated a new way of experiencing bathrooms.
The concept of Antonio Lupi was to look at the bathroom in its entirety. As a consequence of this holistic approach the company does not only produce sanitaryware, washbasins, showers and bathtubs, but also mirrors and lamps, wall decorations and much more.
Antonio Lupi Design® is active in more than 60 countries wordwide. Not least because of the almost infinite customizability of its products the company and its efficient network of retailers can respond to many customer requirements.

1 listed retailers in Hong Kong

1-COLOURLIVING 333 lockhart road , Wanchai , Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2295 6263